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City Infiltration

City Infiltration

This is a game level set in a fictional European city, which is loosely based on Venice, Italy. This city has been occupied by an enemy force, and your goal is to infiltrate their base and retrieve an artifact that they are holding.

I assembled and scripted the level in UDK. Most of the environment consists of new assets that I made, but I also used Unreal Tournament 3 assets throughout. This level uses a modified version of the UT3 Deathmatch mode that is included with UDK, with UT3 weapons, character models, AI, and vehicles. New elements include turrets and patrol behaviors for the bots, which are controlled by kismet scripts that I made.

The art for this level was made with the assistance of Catherine Cook (portfolio website), who created many of the building textures and helped with the art direction. Voice acting was provided by Sam Passer. The dumpster model and textures were purchased from TakuanDaikon through Turbosquid.

The assets used in this level were modeled in Maya and textured with Photoshop. The level was assembled using the Unreal Development Kit, and the images shown are from the Unreal Engine.